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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pumpkin Tutorial Added to Hammock Tutorial PDF

Pumpkin Hammock with Jack-o'-Lantern design
I have attempted in previous years to make a pumpkin-shaped cube-style hammock, with mixed results. In the past, I never quite got it right - the shape, size, or structural integrity were always off.
I am pleased to say that this year, I think I finally have it right. So I have updated  Ratropolis' Tutorials for Common Rat Hammocks and Accessories, to include my pumpkin design.
Simple Pumpkin for Fall or Thanksgiving themes
The design can be used to make a jack-o'-lantern for Halloween, a pumpkin for Halloween or Thanksgiving/Fall, or used to make any type of hammock that would require a spherical shape (eg, beach ball).

This design does use batting to keep the spherical shape intact. I have tried to make a pumpkin without batting, but it tends to sag and lose the structural integrity. With the batting, the pumpkin can easily stand unsupported (although your ratties may trample it if you don't secure the stem to the cage top/side with hammock hooks).

The finished size of the pumpkin hammock is approximately 8" in diameter.

Feel free to try out this tutorial for yourself this fall - I hope your ratties will enjoy!

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