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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rat Cage Accessories - Zilla Terrarium Liners - Part 2 (Martins R-695)

Last week, we installed Zilla terrarium liners in our Critter Nation. It is still to early to tell how well they work, but there were no issues, so Friday, we installed Zilla liners in a Martin's 695.

One roll of the 125-gallon size liner covered the floor of the Martin's cage, the middle level, and one shelf. We had to use a fleece liner on the remaining shelf. If the Zilla liners work out, we will invest in another package to cover that last shelf.

The liner width is 17 3/4" wide and it doesn't quite cover the bottom pan depth fully, but it comes close enough for us. The bottom piece was cut to a length of 31". The top piece was cut to a length of 30", and a notch was cut 7" from the left edge along the back side. The notch is 4 3/4" deep and 10 inches long. The back edge on the other side of the notch is 13" long. One shelf exactly fit the remaining piece of liner and the only scrap was the notch cut out from the top level.

The bottom liner is held securely in place by the left and right sides of the cage which sit on top of it. The top liner had a tendency to curl, but was held flat by a litter box on the right side and a ceramic dish placed on the left side near the notch. Hopefully, with time, the curl will flatten.

A binder clip holds the shelf piece in place
The shelf piece was secured in place with a large binder clip in the center of the exposed edge.

Loki lives in the Martin's cage and he did not seem bothered at all by the change in liners. We will continue to monitor the use of these liners in both the Critter Nation and the Martin's R-695 and will report back with our impressions.

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1 comment:

  1. How are the zilla liners working? Are you still using them? I am considering getting some for my rats...