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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Liner Instructions for Critter Nations and Martins R695 Cages

Since the rat cage liners backed with U-Haul furniture pads have been a success so far, I put together some instructions with proper cutting dimensions for Critter Nation cages and for Martin's R695 cages. Note that these dimensions may also be appropriate for Ferret Nation cages as long as they use the newer pan style levels and shelves with a small rim instead of the flat style that was used on older models. The Martin's dimensions likely also work for the shelves and levels in the R680, R685, and R699 - (as long as the upper level has the cutout in the same place as the R695). I do not own those cages, so you would have to verify this yourself.

I will eventually do a step-by-step tutorial and add it to the hammock tutorial pdf, but for the most part, these instructions are simple (the same premise as a flat hammock) and the hardest part is figuring out the dimensions - especially for levels that have a cut-out for the ramp.

Critter Nation
A Dual Critter Nation will require one bottom liner, one top liner, and two shelf liners. Each liner will need one piece of fleece and one piece of furniture cloth, cut to the following dimensions:
Martin's R695

A Martin's R695 will also require one bottom liner, one top liner, and two shelf liners. Each liner will need one piece of fleece and one piece of furniture pad, cut to the following dimensions:



The Martin's Bottom Liner is sized a little long so the
cage sits on top and secures the liner to the floor.
The dimensions for the Martin's Bottom Level are a little extra long (about 1.5" on each side), so that the cage will sit on top of the liner with enough overlap to hold it securely in place. The edges will curve up the short sides of the pan. If you would like your liner to be sized exactly to the bottom of the pan, the length should be cut to about 32" instead of 35".


Note that when the liner is not a perfect rectangle, but has a notch cut out, you will need to make sure to cut the fleece piece as shown with the right side up. This should match the layout of the shelf or level. (The furniture pad has no right and wrong side, but if it did, you would cut it as shown with the wrong side up.)

To sew the liner, pin the fleece to the furniture pad, right sides together, wrong side out. If it is a notched liner, the layout will look wrong with respect to the layout of the actual level, but after it is sewn and turned right side out, it will look right again.

Sew along all edges of the liner with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving an opening large enough to turn the liner right side out. Trim the excess seam allowances, and turn the liner right side out. Push out the corners and flatten to the proper shape.

Slip stitch the opening closed by hand (or machine stitch it closed very near the edge), then top stitch around the entire liner to hold the proper shape.

One Set of Dual Critter Nation Liners

One Set of Martins R-695 Liners

Using Large Binder Clips to
Secure CN Liners
The Critter Nation liners can be set inside the pans. Large binder clips (2 inch clips with 1 inch capacity) can be used to secure the liner in place if necessary.

The Martin's bottom liner sits in the bottom pan. Because it is a little longer than the cage itself, the weight of the cage on top of the liner will hold it securely in place. The Martin's top level liner should stay in place by itself, being held in place by the surrounding cage walls. However, if you would like, a large binder clip can secure the liner in place at the ramp opening. Shelf liners can also be held in place with a large binder clip. Alternatively, you can install grommets in the corners of the top level and shelf liners, place a split ring through each grommet, and a lanyard hook in the split ring. The lanyard hooks can then be clipped to the cage wall to secure the liner in place.

The one thing I might try a little differently with the Critter Nation liners, since the corners of the pans are slightly curved, in the outer four corners, instead of doing an angular corner, sew a slight arc, so the corner point doesn't stick up as much.

Dual Critter Nation with Liners
Martin's R-695 with Liners
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  1. I know this is an older post but THANK YOU! This is super helpful.

  2. I agree with the previous commenter. I've searched far and wide for a tutorial on how to make shelf covers for my FN and have either come up empty or have had incomplete/unclear ones. This one is just great! Thanks so much for posting this.

  3. Have you put the step-by-step instructions in the PDF yet?

  4. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful tutorial. I just finished making the liners and loved the look so much, made the snuggle bag to match everything!! Can't wait for more fleece to make another set.

  5. Omg sooo much better!!! Thank you!!! Although I do prefer velcro to hold into place... Easier, and its more visually appeasing...

    1. how do you use the velcro?

    2. Sew on cloth and super glue on plastic

  6. My DCN came in today! Thanks for this! I'll be working on liners this week since my boys will come home next week!

  7. Can you post the dimensions of the ramp too please because I think wire ramps aredangerous for rattie legs - one of mine got his leg caught between bars once - never again...

  8. Can you post measurements for the ramps for critter nations?

  9. What is "furniture cloth" and where do I get it?

    1. Moving store will carry it. Covers furniture during the move. Very absorbent

    2. I heard to avoid Home Depot furniture cloth because it disintegrates in the wash. Uhaul Furniture Pads are what were used here.

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