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Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy World Rat Day 2014!

Taking a Moment to Remember Past Rats
and Appreciate Present Rats
on World Rat Day 2014
Gabriel (Gabe), Mystery, and Weasel
Gabe Loved Us from the Minute We Brought Him Home
Mystery (left) and Gabe (right)
Mystery and Weasel Want More Cheerios
Weasel Loves His Pumpkin
Weasel Was the World's Best Shoulder Rat
Pirate and Loki
Forget the Pretzel Piece, Loki Wants the Whole Bag
Pirate and Bela - He Loved His Girls!
Bela, Ruby, and Jo
Bela and Ruby are Best Buds!
Ruby is the Shy One
Jo is Definitely Not Shy!

Jo and Ruby
Jo Would Like Some Cereal Too


Bert is the Boss!
I'm Pretty Sure I Smell Food!

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