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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Neuters Are on for Next Week

But Mom! I don't need a neuter! See! I can get along!
Hammie and Burt had their pre-neuter visits yesterday and passed their physicals with flying colors. They now have appointments scheduled for next week.

Since this is my first time doing neuters and this is not my regular vet (my vet refers to this clinic for neuters and certain other procedures), I had a bunch of questions. I have to admit to being quite nervous about the surgeries. I am always hesitant about taking risks on elective surgeries, because I would be devastated if something went wrong. However, despite Hammie's occasional good social graces (seen above), I know he will truly be happier without those raging hormones to distract him from rat life, and I am certain his cage mates will be safer and happier if it helps even just a little. Burt is a little trickier, as I am less certain a neuter will help with his issues. His issues may be more territorial than hormonal - I am really not sure. He is also older - over a year - so health concerns are more likely with him. But he is still young enough that he should be fine with the surgery. I think introductions will have the best chance of success if both Hammie and Burt are neutered, so I am moving forward with both.

I am very glad to say that this practice has reassured me that they know what they are doing and that everything will most likely go well for both. They assured me that I will be sent home with Metacam for pain relief. There will be internal stitches that do not need to be removed, and the outer layer will not use stitches, but surgical glue. They were aware that rats should not be fasted before surgery (unlike most other animals). They explained proper post op care (keeping them alone in a single level cage, changing the liners every day, allowing a low hanging hammock for comfort if needed). They also will be seeing them for a post-op visit to make sure everything is healing up properly, and there is no additional charge for that visit. All in all, I am confident both Burt and Hammie will be in good hands.

OT - JoAnn's Fleece Sale Alert!

In an unrelated note, JoAnn's has fleece on sale through September 27th. Blizzard fleece (solids and prints) are 50% off. Anti-pill fleece prints are 60% off, solids are 50% off. For me, this means stopping by occasionally during the next few weeks and raiding the remnant bins, which will be 50% off the sale price (most will come in at about $2.50 a yard).

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