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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall Pumpkins are Fun for Rats, Too!

At our house, after the kids are done with Trick or Treating, it is pumpkin time for the ratties. Rats love a fresh pumpkin, especially the slimy guts and the yummy seeds. We use a pie pumpkin and cut a hole in the front to get them started, but many people like to use a full-sized carving pumpkin and let them crawl inside.

Just be warned, pumpkins make messy play. We put down large sheets of Kraft paper on the floor in preparation for pumpkin time, to make clean up afterwards much easier. Some pics of the yummy fall pumpkin action:

Hammie drags the pumpkin shell out through the castle door . . .

. . . and proceeds to abscond with it behind the garbage can.
Hammie clearly loves pumpkin.
Ruby is wondering why this thing only has one hole. 

Jeremy tells Hammie to quit hogging the pumpkin.

These pumpkin guts are delicious!

Finally, a turn for everyone.

Bobo likes the seeds.

Burt prefers to sit on the couch and be served by his humans.

Pumpkin? What Pumpkin? I was always this color!

Ruby licks pumpkin juice off my son's hand.

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