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Monday, January 26, 2015

Nesting or Redecorating?

Lilly is in a travel cage right now. I was generously given a tank with a lid in case she gives birth, but I couldn't set her up in that right away as I needed to patch a hole and get a water bottle hanger that will attach to a tank. I have all that now and can get her moved, but because of the poor ventilation in the tank, I want to wait as long as possible before moving her. The travel cage has a deep pan, so if she does give birth unexpectedly, it will be safe for the babies for the moment.

This morning, I awoke to find all of the scrap pieces of paper towel had been stuffed into the igloo and the sheets lining the bottom of the cage were torn from the opposite end of the cage and stuffed inside as well.

Lilly still doesn't look like she has a pregnant shape to me. Is she just bored in the travel cage or is she nesting? Is there any way to tell? I don't know. I am debating moving her to the tank just in case.

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