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Friday, July 12, 2013

Making Hammocks for a Dual Critter Nation - How Much Fabric?

This hammock set was created with 2 yards of cotton
print and an equivalent amount of fleece, leaving a
small amount of cotton left over.
It can be tricky trying to decide how much fabric you need to make hammocks for a rat cage. When I make a set for the Dual Critter Nation, I like to have 2 yards of the cotton print and 2 yards of a coordinating fleece. With this, I can make a set that includes a Bunk Bed, Double Bunk, Pocket, Tunnel Pocket, Corner Flat, Cube, and Snuggle Sack, and if I lay everything out efficiently, there is often some fabric left over for one more item. Of course, I mix and match, sometimes replacing a Cube with a Triangular Pyramid, a Pocket with a Peek-a-boo Pocket, a Bunk Bed with a Honeycomb, a Snuggle Sack with a Cuddle Cup, etc. But with 2 yards, I can pretty much get whatever combination of hammocks I need to fill the DCN.

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