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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet Bela, Ruby, and Jo

Jo (left), Bela (right), Ruby (bottom) - in their favorite basket

We have been away for a while on vacation in Florida, so posts have been scarce. But we are back now, and on our way back, we picked up three beauties from the Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary (EARPS) in Indianapolis, IN. Our trip brought us right through Indy, and EARPS had rats available from a pet store confiscation by animal control.

EARPS is a great rescue, taking in all sorts of exotics, and providing the required veterinary care and spaying/neutering all animals as long as it is medically safe to do so. We adopted three baby girls. Meet Bela (black hoodie), Ruby (pink-eyed white), and Jo (black self). We named them after female characters from the series Supernatural (a challenge, since female characters don't usually stick around long on that show).

These girls are really amazing. They all get along great together, sleeping in one rattie bundle, usually in a tiny basket in the upper corner of their quarantine cage. So far, they appear perfectly healthy - not a sneeze out of any of them, and one of their rescuers said that she had not seen any sneezes from them at all when they were with her either.

They can be a little skittish with sudden movements, but they are not shy and will come scampering right back when they realize all is fine. They are super friendly and do not bite.

It is very hard to get a good picture, because they are either sleeping together all entangled in each other, or they are scampering about at the speed of light, exploring their surroundings. It is no surprise that their favorite activity is flying inside their Silent Spinner wheel, apparently trying to reach the top in a futile but adorable effort. All three love the wheel and they often run two at a time in an apparent race to the top.

The three girls are currently in quarantine, but eventually will be introduced to Pirate. We are keeping our fingers crossed that introductions will go well. Hopefully, the fact that the new ratties are all female and young (and spayed of course) will help things along.

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