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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tips & Tricks - Use Zip Ties to Assemble a Martin's Cage

Martin's cages are quality cages, but once assembled, cannot be easily broken down and stored. They use metal C-rings to attach the panels, and these rings are not only somewhat tricky to install, they are difficult to remove.

We highly recommend storing the C-rings away, and assembling the cage using zip-ties instead. That way, if you put a panel on upside down or facing the wrong way, it is easy to fix. And when you no longer need the cage, you can simply cut the zipties, break down the cage, and store it away.

The zip ties are attractive and they are sturdy. Our Martin's R695 has been assembled this way for over a year and none of the 5 rats we have had have ever chewed through any of them.

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