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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rat Cage Accessories - The Lixit Critter Space Pod

Every rat loves a good plastic hideaway, but none are so unique as the Lixit Critter Space Pod. It's rounded "space-ship" shape make it a favorite among the Ratropolis rats.

It is designed in such a way that it can either stand up on the ground or hang upside down from the cage ceiling. It works well in Martin's cages and in Critter Nation cages, although I zip-tie the legs to the top of the cage to prevent it from accidentally falling off. I also like to hang a flat hammock beneath the pod so that rats can enter and exit easily.

A lot of huts and houses are interchangeable - you can use a wooden one or a plastic igloo, but a plain ordinary cardboard box will work just as well and be loved as much. The Critter Space Pod, on the other hand, definitely stands out for both its uniqueness and for the preference the rats show for it over other options.

Unfortunately, the Critter Space Pod is not available in any pet stores that I have ever seen, but it can be ordered online from Amazon and other places. Rats will require the "Large" size linked to above. This is one that is definitely worth spending a few dollars on - don't be surprised if all of your rats don't try to cram their way inside as soon as you install it.

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