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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meet Burt!

Check out those awesome whiskers!

We want to welcome Burt into our family!

We all miss Loki terribly and his absence has left a huge hole. What is more, we really miss having a big squishy boy around. So I started looking around. The first pair of rats I found that were in the area ended up being adopted before I called inquiring about them. Then we found Burt.

Burt had a great home with his buddy Ernie, but sadly Ernie passed away, leaving him as a lone rat. His family is really attached, but didn't want to adopt new rats and didn't want Burt to have to live alone as he is a very social rat. So I thought he would make the perfect fit for us.

We will eventually be introducing him to our girls (all spayed), after quarantine. He came from a really good environment that is low risk for exposure to illness, but we still want to do a quarantine just to be safe. He will be using the Martin's R695 cage for quarantine and until he has been successfully introduced to the girls, when he will move into the dual Critter Nation.

Burt is super friendly and very trusting. He is a great eater, snacking on peas and corn and blueberries on the way home. He has already tried and liked the Oxbow Regal Rat, so I have no doubt that he will adjust to it just fine. He is a black variegated (similar to hooded, except instead of a stripe down the spine, he has random splashes of color) dumbo and I can already tell he will fit right in here. I know he will miss his first home, but hopefully he will come to adapt to ours. We will be sure to give him lots of love and attention and all the things he needs to stay healthy.


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